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Twizel is a small town on the bottom edge of South Canterbury. Founded in 1968, the town was originally built to house six thousand workers constructing the expansive hydro-power scheme here in South Canterbury. The town was designed to be temporary, with plans to completely remove it after the completion of the hydro project. However, locals fought to save the town and in 1983 they succeeded. Today, Twizel is a lively, growing town (pop. 1100) offering a huge variety of attractions and activities to locals and visitors alike.

Attractions & Events

There's plenty to do in Twizel. In the town itself, visitors can find a wonderful collection of shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as a public pool, a gym and an indoor climbing wall. Take a short drive out of town and you'll find lakes, rivers, ski fields, camping sites, hydro-electric facilities and even New Zealand's tallest mountain, Mt. Cook.

Feel free to ask us about the best local sights and attractions.

Twizel Kids' Fishing Day

Jake's proudly sponsors this family event every year, supplying prizes for Fish & Game to distribute among participants.

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