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Twizel's unique history as a hydro-town means that it is surrounded by waterways and lakes. This, of course, leads to very good fishing.

The hydro-electric canals alone support no less than 3 salmon farms as well as plenty of wild salmon and trout, and Lake Benmore, just outside Twizel, is renowned across New Zealand for its fabulous trout fishing.

Here at Jake's we can supply all your fishing needs, whether you're a seasoned veteran or a casual holiday-maker. Come on in for tips, advice and all the fishing gear you need!

Lures & Spinners

Lures are one of the most successful ways to bring in a big one in the Twizel area. And whether you're fishing in a hydro canal, a river or a lake we've got the right lure for you.

Finding that perfect lure can be tricky, as it changes depending on where you're fishing, what the weather is like, what time of year and day it is and how clear the water is. You really need to be an expert to know what to buy.

Except you don't, because our local expertise is here to help you out. We have a ridiculously huge range of lures of different shapes, sizes, colours, weights and designs here at Jake's. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Wobblers (Ticers): Available in five different weights and a shimmering medley of colours.

Tasmanian Devils: Standard or dual-depth tazzies are available in a vast array of colours and designs.

Cobras: Also available in a range of colours and patterns.

Mepps and Veltic Lures: Many sizes and colours are available with a gold or copper finish.

Rapala-style lures: We have a comprehensive range of Rapala-style lures. They are, of course, available in many sizes and colours.

Halco Poltergeist, Sorcerer and Laser Pro lures: Available in, you guessed it, a huge range of sizes, colours and designs.

And that's not all. Come on in to see the full range!

Bait Fishing

This is fishing in its original form. This is the worm-on-a-string fishing of your childhood. And it still remains one of the most effective fishing methods of all in the waterways around Twizel.

Here at Jake's, we've got everything you need for bait fishing, from the hooks to the bait itself.

Hooks: Available in sizes ranging from 10 (tiny) to 4/0 (huge).

Sinkers: Available in a full range of styles and weights, starting at 3/16 of an ounce (5 grams).

Swivels & Swivel Clips: Available in a wide variety of sizes.

Bait: The best bait for the Twizel area is shrimp, which we sell frozen in 60 gram bags.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is not only a beautiful art, but also a fantastic way to get your hands on a prize brown or rainbow trout.

Here at Jake's, we've got all you need to tempt a trophy trout, including dry flies, nymphs, fly line, strike indicators and floatant. We also sell fly fishing Rods & Reels.

Our comprehensive range of over 50 flies includes... well you'll just have to come in and have a look. Many of our fly designs are available in different sizes.

If you want some professional instruction, there are many fantastic fly fishing guides in the Twizel area who can take you to the best spots.


No matter if you're into lure fishing, bait fishing or fly fishing, you'll need somewhere to keep all the bits. Here at Jake's, you can find a range of tackleboxes in many shapes and sizes.

Our range extends from the small and cheap to the huge and bombproof, with everything in between. They come in many colours and varieties, so there's sure to be something that will perfectly contain your gear.

If you're a purist fly fisherman, you won't want to be seen dead with anything which could be used for, say, lure fishing. Of course not. We understand that, and we're here to help. We have a selection of speciality fly boxes available in various sizes and styles, to keep your beautiful status symbols in comfortable isolation from the cruder forms of fishing.

Rods & Reels

A good rod and reel are the key to good fishing. And a cheap rod and reel are the key to spending very little money.

Here at Jake's, we can help you no matter what your priorities are, with rods and reels ranging from the cheap and functional to the expensive and fancy.

We have spin rods, fly rods, boat rods, and downsized children's rods. Most rods are available combined with reels as well as being sold individually. If you're not sure what you want, ask us.

A good reel is just as important as a good rod. Here at Jake's, our comprehensive range of reels ensures that you'll find what you want.

Our reels, like our rods, are available in a variety of designs and at a variety of prices. We are here to help you find the spin reel, fly reel or boat reel to best suit your needs.

We can also set up rod and reel combos for you with line etc. - just ask!

Landing Nets

There is possibly nothing worse than hooking an enormous fish, and then not being able to get it out of the water. And the worst part is that no-one believes you afterwards! Insulting, isn't it.

The best way to avoid this situation is to ensure that you always have a good landing net at your side. And possibly a witness.

Here at Jake's, you'll find a plethora of landing nets to help you actually catch that big one. We have small landing nets, large landing nets and folding landing nets, at prices to suit any budget.

The only problem is, your story becomes less convincing if you own one...


You can have the most expensive rod, the shiniest reel and the largest tacklebox full of flies, but you still won't look like a pro unless you're wearing a many-pocketed vest, a camo hat and a pair of fingerless gloves.

Thankfully, the team at Jake's is here to uphold your image with a range of articles of clothing for the discerning fisherman. We have beige vests with enough pockets to hide a fleet of fishing trawlers, camouflaged caps with built-in lights (no, don't question the logic of that) and many varieties of gloves for warmth, functionality and, above all, style.

We also have gumboots and backpacks, if you want to complete the look. But don't come running to us when you're trying to shake off the fishing magazine paparazzi...

Other Necessities

There are so many things which can improve your fishing experience. Funnily enough, practically all of them are available here at Jake's.

There are a few obvious ones which don't quite fit in the other categories. Fishing line, for instance, is available in many different strengths. We also have a few speciality lines, such as leadline and flyline. Fishing licenses are also monumentally important, as are knives, and we do those too.

Beyond these essentials, we have binoculars, polaroid sunglasses, sunscreen, fish scales (the weighing sort), fish scalers, hand sanitiser, and endless other bits and pieces. Come on in and have a look!

Rod & Lure Hire

If you're just visiting for a few days, or you've accidentally left your rod at home and you don't want to buy a new one for just a couple of days' fishing, we can help you out.

Our rod hire service includes the use of a rod, a reel and a box of lures for only $20 per day (plus a deposit).

The rod and reel combos which we hire out are ideal for either bait or lure fishing, and we can help set your rod up if you want. We'll also get our expert fisherman to give you tips and advice on techniques and locations!

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