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Twizel is one of New Zealand's favourite camping locations, and when you look at the beautiful scenery and perfect weather it's not hard to see why.

Here at Jake's, we want you to have a fantastic camping experience in Twizel. So we try to stock everything you could possibly need over your holiday, from the bare essentials to luxury items to make your holiday easier, more relaxing and more fun.

So whether you're in a tent, a caravan or a house bus, you'll find what you need right here at Jake's!

Survival Gear

On a list of daily priorities for the average human being, surviving is pretty near the top. And here at Jake's, we have many fantastic products to maximise your chances of living to see another day.

Research may have shown (but probably hasn't) that not owning a compass, pocket knife and at least three types of fire starter dramatically increases the risk of meeting an untimely demise. Thankfully, you can buy all these things and more at Jake's Hardware!

And we think you should do just that.

Tents & Accessories

If you are camping (and we mean real camping, none of this caravan nonsense), a tent is fairly important. In fact, it's literally the only thing between you and various nasty things like rain, snow and enormous bugs.

Here at Jake's, we realise the importance of having a good tent, so we stock a range of tents in various shapes and sizes. And we mean various. We've even got a shower-cubicle-shaped tent. Don't believe us? Come and have a look.

We also realise the vulnerability of a not-so-good tent, so we also sell various patches, repair kits and glues. See the Maintenance & Repairs sub-category for more on this.

And finally, we realise above all else that you WILL forget to bring your tent pegs. You don't need to be ashamed of it, it's just a fact of life. We understand. So we also sell tent pegs in many shapes and sizes.

When it comes to tents, Jake's has got you covered.


Whether you're a tea fanatic, a coffee addict or simply a lover of hot food, you can't go camping without a cooker. No, don't argue - you can't.

Here at Jakes's, we love tea, coffee and hot food. All at once, preferably. So naturally we stock everything from the tiniest and simplest of billy-warmers to unbelievably enormous kitchen stoves disguised as suitcases and running on high-grade napalm. Or butane, as the case may be.

Whether you're heating a tin of soup or sautéing a moose, we've got the right cooker for you!

In addition to gas stoves we have camping ovens in various sizes, as well as portable pots, pans and utensils. In fact, we have pretty much all you need for a well-stocked wilderness kitchen. Except for the food...

Fuel & Fire Lighting

Gas cookers are all very well, but without gas they are useless.

Here at Jake's, we don't like things to be useless, so we sell several types of butane, propane and LPG canisters and bottles for a huge variety of cookers and barbeques. We also have methylated spirits (for smokers) and white spirits (for stoves).

Gas, too, is useless if it can't get to the stove. So we also stock a range of gas hoses, fittings and washers to keep the gas going smoothly from the bottle to the burner.

Oh, you're too macho for a gas cooker? Don't worry, you too can enjoy hot meals out in the wilderness. Or the camping ground. We have a huge range of useful things like matches, lighters, magnesium fire-starters and portable blow-torches, so starting a fire should be no problem.

And if you do decide to buy a cooker, we won't tell anyone. We promise.

Lanterns & Lighting

Being able to see the stars at night is lovely, but not being able to see anything else can be a problem. The good news is that here at Jake's Hardware we have enough lanterns, candles and torches to make your tent or caravan look like Times Square on the fourth of July.

We have oil lanterns, gas lanterns, citronella lanterns, wind-up lanterns and battery lanterns. We have short candles, long candles and citronella candles. And we have large torches, small torches, lantern torches and headlamps.

Fairy lights are out of stock at the moment, but we're working on it...

Maintenance & Repairs

Things get broken, especially important things. Especially when you're camping.

But when you wake up with a leaking tent and a torn airbed, don't despair! Head right down to Jake's, where we have a range of patches, repair tapes, waterproofing solutions and fix-anything glues.

We can even get you what you need to repair that pocket-knife-shaped hole in your tent fly, or the result of your accidental experiment involving the gas cooker and the guy rope.

We won't ask any awkward questions either.

Other Necessities

There are plenty of things you can't go without when you're camping. Sleeping bags, can openers, and knives are examples of such things.

There are also many things that you can go without, but it's jolly nice to have them nonetheless. Pillows, cutlery, and peg-free clotheslines spring to mind.

All of these things and more are available here at Jake's Hardware to make your camping experience a great one, whether you're a city slicker or Mr Grylls himself. Come on in and have a look!

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